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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Move On and Let Go

Letting go is like pulling a tooth.When it was pulled out, you're relieved.But how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was?Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it was not hurting you doesn't mean u did not notice it. It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It's going to take a while, but it takes time. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you so much pain. Therefore, you decided to chuck it out of your life, move on and let go .“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could have, would've happened... 
or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on.”

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The most beautiful Journey

My journey from “I hate change” to “bring it on”

Change is the only thing which is constant in everyone’s life. And we all resist change.
I am no different. I hate change. And what I hate the most is when people change. We all hate that situation.
I am one frequent visitor to that circumstance. I don’t know why but every time I start trusting someone, start taking them as my own, they just change suddenly.
I entered a new school in class 11, fearing change. Since I was a new admission and joined late, by the time I entered, everyone was friends already.I felt so out of the place. I used to go back home and despise this whole idea of a new school. But the best part about me is I’m no quitter. I made sure to turn this feeling upside down and finally I did. I made some good friends and some envious bitches too.
I loved the way life was and I thought that I wouldn’t have it any other better way. I was in the spotlight all the time, due to one or the other mischief and there was never a dull moment. I loved everything about anything.
I started to love life and exude an outgoing and cheerful vibe. I could laugh at all adversities. I was strong emotionally and mentally. I had big aims, respected life, was very naughty and mischievous. Loved to make my own rules, listened to what my heart said, believed in whatever I did.
Then, like all good things, this one had an end. And so my school life ended after the most amazing two years of my life.
And it was the time for a change. A huge one. From school, I was going to college. No uniform, no rules and no running after teachers. For a change, I was excited about this change. I was so looking forward to it.
The college started and I had fun in the first few months. But then the most vulnerable thing happened. People changed. Time changed. I was left with absolutely no one to talk to, to sit with, and to go out with. I tried to fit in somewhere, to make new friends but it all failed. Somehow, controversies and problems followed me everywhere and made my life a mess.
I adopted a calm life & had fallen into the quiet type nature. I started worrying about anything and everything. Longing and loneliness used to pierce my heart largely.
I started bottling up all insecurities and fears and hesitated to reach out for help.
Earlier I had so much confidence in myself that I could make through whatever life threw at me. I was so level headed, preparing myself for the future and whatever it may bring. But now, I used to loathe and abhor going to college. Every morning, I started giving myself reasons for skipping the college. I used to cry everyday and ask god that why he would do this to me. Then over the time, I got used to it. I used to keep to myself. Not talk to anyone.
And then the most beautiful thing happened to me. I had found someone to feel happy about. A reason to go to college. A smiling solution to all my abhorrence and problems. And with that, came back my smiles and happiness. I had friends. I had love. I had my life back. I was happy again. I was living again. He made life easy. He made living and being happy easy. I started to keep tons of photos so that I can store the memories and stories attached to them.
Time flew with him. And the end to my college life was near. But as I said, all good things come to an end, so with the ending of college, came ending to this happiness as well.
He was gone. Without a reason, without a warning. He just went, leaving me alone again. Broken, shattered, devastated, and crushed from within. With him, he took back whatever he brought into my life. Good people, good times and my happiness too. He just changed overnight. The one, who used to cry before me when I was in pain, was not at all moved even while seeing me in the worst of conditions. Suddenly, he was no more the same person. Suddenly, life seemed like it will never be same again. As if I will never be able to smile again.
Another change was awaiting me in a new college, my post-grad school. And with all those horrible past experiences and a broken heart, I was so not willing to face another change. I was not prepared for anything which might hurt me. I wanted to run, I wanted to cry, and I wanted to die even. But just two days before the new college, I decided to face it. And not just face it but live it. I was back, back with a bang.
And today, I am so proud of that decision to stay and fight. I have some amazing friends; I have an amazing person to take care of me and to make me smile and on top of all, I have myself. The real me! I am having a good time and look forward to have many more. It’s not much time yet and I know that a lot of changes are still awaiting me. I still have to face the real world and its dirty phases & faces.
I have realized that even after making decisions with careful deliberation, I might still make errors in judgment. But one thing is for sure, I am so ready for any kind of change. Finally, I am not afraid of change. I have just got three words to say at the end,

Once upon a Broken Heart

I was just going through my old write-ups and found something which i would like to share with you all..i wrote this a long time back when i was dealing with this unbearable heartbreak...and i desperately wanted him back..though this doesn't mean anything now but since i created it, i feel like posting it here...and coming up would be the next and LATEST part of this letter, containing my present state of mind after 4 MONTHS of break up...but for now, read this... :)
I pray each night
about my love that is now gone
and how I need him back in my life
I don't know if my prayers
will ever come true
so I thought this letter
was the best thing to do
So you could make my dreams
come true
I can’t seem to go on
I'm sitting here waiting for him
and I feel like a fool
he has left me
and I don't know what to do
What do I do?
When a love so true is gone
out my life?
how can I sleep
knowing he won’t
come back in my life
God you have forgiven me for all
my lies and sins
all I had to do
was confess them
and that was the end
He could not forgive me oh lord
I just don't understand why
after all we had
he doesn't want
to give us another try
Lord I just don't
know what to do
all I seem to do is cry
please answer me lord
because its driving me insane
to sit here and not
understand why?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Treat your Girl RIGHT

You might find this list everywhere on Google. Frankly, even I took it from there. But while I was going through this list, I found some really absurd and random points which are absolutely untrue and unfit for this list.

So, I decided to rephrase the whole list as per what I think a girl wants.
Truly and genuinely!
Here it goes…
1. Make her smile over little things
2. Tell her the way you feel about her.
3. Open doors for her.
4. Make her feel that she is needed.
5. If she’s upset, comfort her.
6. When people DISS her, stand up for her.
7. When you MISS her, TELL her
8. Be there for her whenever she needs you.
9. Assure her, that she can ALWAYS count on you.
10. Tell her how beautiful she is
11. When walking next to each other grab her hand.
12. Kiss her unexpectedly.
13. Love her, even with her flaws.
14. Hold her like she won’t feel safer anywhere else
15. Be protective, but don’t be dominating
16. Be possessive, but don’t be insecure
17. Be emotional, but don’t be impractical
18. Make the best dates
19. Walk her to her car (if any) - it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
20. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder.


1. Text or call her in the morning and wish her a good day at work {or school}
2. Take her along with your friends sometimes; she has the right to know whom you are hanging out with.
3. When she says she loves you more, deny it. FIGHT BACK.
4. When her friends say they love her more than you, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.
5. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her- if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE WANTS YOU TO ASK HER AGAIN. Do it. It will make her feel that you care.
6. You might have a busy day, but still try to take out some time to call her. If it isn’t possible then just text her. Won’t take more than 1 minute.
7. If you tell her you’ll call later, do it. If u can’t, at least bother to leave a text. She might be worried.
8. Keep track of the good times.
9. Remember the important dates, if you miss them, make up for it.
10. Wish her sweet dreams every night and tell her how much u missed her the whole day.


1. Don’t EVER tell her to leave even jokingly.
2. Never let her feel out of the place among your friends
3. Never make her cry
4. Don’t EVER let her feel alone
5. Never abuse her
6. Never hit her. No matter how mad you are.
7. DON'T lie to her
8. DON'T cheat on her!
9. Never overestimate her sincerity
10. Never take her for granted.


1. While she speaks, don’t just hear. LISTEN
2. Don’t just take pictures. Make MEMORIES.
3. Share secrets with her. HONESTLY
4. Talk to her. ACTUALLY..!
5. Hug her. LOVINGLY
6. Hold her. GENTLY
7. Laugh with her. HEARTLY
8. Kiss her. SLOWLY
9. Pull her close to you. PASSIONATELY

And I am sure; you’ll get the double of it.
Love her, kiss her, hold her and tell her what she means to you - ONLY if you mean it...
It might be a joke for you, but for her it’s her life…
And you have no rights to joke or play with someone’s life...
Keep loving…! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

How to know if she's SINGLE

Imagine a world where all the singles had an "S" etched onto their foreheads and all the unavailable people had a "T" (for taken) on theirs.
Wouldn't that make the world a happier place?
Well, it would surely become uncomplicated, especially for all the woman-hunting men venturing out to find an equally eager woman.
Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where our dating availability is conveniently marked on our foreheads.
Figuring out whether or not she's single takes more detective work, and it may not be determined in just one sitting.
Remember that there is no one giveaway to whether or not she's single -- you'll need to look for several hints to determine the truth until or unless you have the guts to go and ask her straight. 
“Live on the edge, you might fall off, but at least you know if it hurts when you fall off.”
By this, I simply mean why do guys have to try some suave and totally transparent ways to find info on a girl? Be bold and confident. It will probably be totally refreshing and new to her, you'll make an impression.
Go straight to her and say= "What's your BF's name?"
If she gives a name = "He's a lucky man"
If she says she doesn't have one = there you go. J
Why do you have to be so concerned or excited about someone you haven't even talked with yet?
But I know that this won’t work for all the guys, especially not with those who are extra shy, lack confidence or are too afraid of rejection and embarrassment of a NO, straight in the face.
And thanks to the existence of many such guys, I will not have to end up here. I will continue with some other ways to know about her relationship status without even asking her. there could be three cases:
  1. You know the girl distantly but not that closely as to know about her relationship status.
  2. You don’t know anything about that girl. You have just seen her and fallen for her.
  3. You have been seeing her over and over at some place and you have started liking her but you haven’t got the guts to talk to her. 
I will try to cover all the scenarios.
Let’s talk about the first one.

You know her distantly so you have got three choices: 
  1. Talk to her friends: ask her friends if she is single. Most friends and coworkers are aware of their friends' relationship status, so their answers will usually be accurate.
  2. Check out her Facebook page: if she has one, and she gives you permission to access it. Social network sites have an area that relates to relationship status. See what the status says, or what she is "looking for," be it friends or relationships. Look through the photos on the site to see if anyone appears with her often enough to be a possible boyfriend.
  3. Hang around: hang out with her and your common friends and see if she gives any hints to whether she likes you or not, this could show that she is single for she is giving hints she likes you, leading to want to go out with you.
That’s all you can do to know what you want about a less known or some acquaintance girl.

Next case is where you don’t even know the name of the girl let alone her friends and access to her facebook profile. You have just seen her somewhere and you have instantly fallen for her.
This is where the job becomes harder.
But let's face it, part of the challenge (and fun) is in knowing who to target and discovering whether they'll take the bait.

Her body language says it all
If you're familiar with the dating game, then you surely know that body language can say a lot about a person, and if she has a boyfriend, then chances are she won't be twirling her hair and looking around so casually. If you muster up enough courage to be around her, try to observe what her body language is saying:
  • She's full of eye contact: 
    unless she's a chronic people-watcher, if her eye contact is darting all over the place as if looking for potential mates, you may be able to checkmate her.
    Women who are already attached usually don't bother looking around the place (unless they're looking for someone they know in particular), as they go out with no intention of meeting men and don't need to check out the merchandise. :p

  • She's making eye contact with you and smiling 
    Eye contact is usually one of the first signs of interest, and if she makes intense eye contact with you, then chances are she wants you to head on over and give it a try.

  • She looks at other couples with sadness
    if you're observing her from afar and you notice her looking at other couples, she could be longing for the days when she was once also attached. That's where you come in.

Finally, the third case where you have been watching her regularly at some pub, club or bar. This one is a little less complicated. All you have to notice are two things: 
  • Out with the girls... again
    Unavailable women do go out and have fun with their girlfriends, but they have to make some time for the men in their lives. If you see the same girl out with her friends more than once at the same bar, within a short period of time, chances are she's flying solo.
  • She's overly friendly
    Don't get me wrong, but attached women tend to be less friendly with other men; they give off a more standoffish attitude when approached. Whether you're at a bar or a club, and you notice that a woman is very sweet and friendly with most men she encounters, it's possible that she's single. Her attitude can be an indication of her status.
So if the signs point to her being single, then gather up all your courage, head her way and work your magic. And if she rejects you, just assume she's already taken – you have to work more to get the right one.
You don't need to run through this list mentally to establish whether or not she's single; you can always find out for yourself by approaching her and asking for her number; she may say she already has a boyfriend.
If she says she's already taken, ask her how her boyfriend could bear to let her go out when all the guys must be after her -- you can always see if she's telling the truth by her reaction to this one.
There is a possibility she may be lying, but face it this way: if she lied to you, probably she didn't want to meet you in the first place... Remember, first impression is KEY for attracting women.
If it's actually true, don't worry, that one is taken, but there are a lot of other girls out there who are single.
You just got to ask.
And remember,
  • If she's single but doesn't like you don’t push her into trying to like you this will only make things worse.
  • Don't stalk her. You will either get into trouble or you would lose all the chances of seeing her again.
  • Don't act too shy, even if you are, try not to show it around her
  • Have confidence while approaching her. 


To ensure and promote success with women you need to believe and assume that the women you approach are AVAILABLE.
Don't waste your time saying things like "if you aren't currently involved with someone", "are you taken" or anything like that.
Why? Because, you set yourself up as a second choice from the start, you present yourself as unsure and unconfident. Don't project the image that you are needy by worrying about 'if' she has a boyfriend or not. That's just not cool, and totally unattractive to women.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

GIRLS-not REALLY hard to understand..!

I have always heard my guy friends saying that there girls are hard to understand. They sometimes don’t get what there girls actually intend by their mood swings, tantrums, weird gestures and strange way of handling things and situations.
Well. I being a girl, can just tell all you confused and ignorant guys out there that girls might be difficult to understand or hard to read, but they love you in their own ways.
You just have to figure few things out and you both are good to go a long way. TOGETHER FOREVER..!
I may not be a love expert here. But yeah, I can surely try to help you all with a few things that you should know about a girl..
·         She might not say it or show it always, but she fears of losing you.
And this fear builds strong inside her with every moment you ignore her, hurt her or do something which is unacceptable to her.
·         You might not like it when she tries to stick to you all the time and finds reasons to be with you.
But when she does that, she is just trying to make you a part of her every moment of life. Dude, she simply can’t have enough of you.
·         Sometimes, u may feel that she has taken you for granted. She even might really have.
But remember, if she has taken you for granted, it means she trusts you enough for life and she believes that no matter what, you would never leave her.
·         If she wants you to make her meet your friends then it doesn’t mean she wants to spy on you. Rather, she wants to impress your friends or get along with them so that they never disapprove of her.
·         If she starts talking and going out with your friends more than her own, or in some case, she totally leaves her friends and starts considering your friends as her own, then it doesn’t mean she wants to barge into your private time with your friends.
Rather, she just wants to make sure that you know how your world is hers and how ready she is to accept your friends and family.
She wants to make sure that you are not insecure about the people she is hanging out with because after all, they are your friends and you would never doubt them.
·         If she asks you to be a part of things she wants to do, she isn’t being selfish by trying to force you into things of her interest.
But, it’s just that she can never imagine her any moment without you. She never thinks beyond you. Whatever she wants to do, she wants you to be a part of it, a part of her every memory, every happiness. You are her happiness.
·         You do things which are unacceptable to her and she forgives you. That doesn’t mean she has accepted your wrong deeds. That just means that for her, NO REASON IS AS BIG A REASON TO BE APART FROM YOU.
She might shout, argue, fight and even punish you a little over that matter but she won’t punish you enough to be away from her.
·         She would shout on you, fight with you over little issues which hurt her but that’s the best she can handle it because she wants you to know what hurts her so that you don’t take some unwanted guilt and make sure that you don’t hurt her again.
·         If she lets you touch her, then you should know the level of trust she has laid on you. RESPECT IT.
And with trust comes a lot of expectations, the biggest being the trust of togetherness. The trust of she being your responsibility and that you will always take care of her.
·         If she lets you talk to some REALLY UNACCEPTABLE GIRLS like the ex-girlfriends or the ones who flirt with you, then it doesn’t mean it was easy for her to accept it.
It simply means that she trusts you more than her own thoughts and she knows that you would never do anything to break that trust.
·         If she spends for you or on you then it doesn’t mean she is trying to be superior or is trying to hurt your male ego.
It just means that for her, you and she are not individuals but one. So if she can spend on herself, she can spend on you too.
PS (for some shameless boyfriends)-if today she has it and you don’t then she would love to spend. But you don’t have to make it a habit and take advantage of it. It works on the principle – “today me, tomorrow or some day, soon, you”
·         If she asks for your opinion and advice even before buying a simple hair pin then it doesn’t mean she can’t decide things for herself.
But it’s just that she wants you to decide for her. She wants you to be a part of her every decision of life. She’s giving you the authority to decide the wrongs and rights for her.
Don’t misuse it and start taking all her decisions all by yourself.
·         If she sees you sad and asks you the reason and pokes you till she gets it out, then it doesn’t mean she wanted to bother you more.
But she wanted you to get rid of that sadness as soon as possible. She wanted to make sure that she does every possible thing she can to take you away from it.
·         If she tries to poke her nose in your family matters then it doesn’t mean she is being bossy or interfering. It just means that she considers your family as her own and she is as much concerned as you are.
·         And I can go on with this list endlessly but I have to stop right here. I have given you enough already. I might update it whenever I would feel a need.

Your girl is PRECIOUS and she needs to be handled with utmost love and care.
So if you have, at any point, misunderstood your girl or you had doubts over any of these gestures she showed to you then go and make it up for her because she is the best you can have and you know you love her enough to be able to afford losing her.

You both love each other, and that’s what matters in the end..!

You can feel free to ask me any other gesture your girl is making you face and that I have missed to mention and I would be happy to explain what it actually means.. J

GUD LUCK…may god bless all the lovey-doveys. May you all be together forever!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Burning Old Memories

Just a few old memories slipped in through my door
Though I thought I had closed it so tightly before
I can't understand it why it should bother my mind
For it all belongs to another place and time

Just a few old keep-sakes way back on the shelf
No, they don't mean nothin' well I'm surprised they're still left
Just a few old love letters with the edges all brown
And some old faded pictures i keep turned upside-down

Just a few old memories going way back in time
Well I can hardly remember, i don't know why I'm crying
I can't understand it well I'm surprised myself
First thing tomorrow morning i'll clean off that shelf

I used to love him that ain't no lie
We had a good thing till he said goodbye
With just one touch he used to set my heart ablaze
I'm burning old memories with a brand new flame

A perfect match that's what we were
I'm getting over him underneath the stars
The smoke has cleared from the hold he had on me
I'm burning old memories with a brand new flame

One by one those old embers burn
You went when I had no where to turn
Just when I thought I'd never love again
I'm burning old memories with a brand new flame

When I was with you I was without a doubt
We had a fire I didn't ever want to put out
But here without you is where I'm gonna stay
Just burning old memories with a brand new flame

-a few old memories
-burnin' old memories